MULU Organic Raw Chocolate Silk 'Lovers' Multi-buy Offer | MULU Organic Raw Chocolate

MULU Organic Raw Chocolate Silk 'Lovers' Multi-buy Offer

Mulu Raw Chocolate Silk is light, creamy and smooth, just as the name suggests. Containing only 5 plant based, organic ingredients and handcrafted at low temperatures, this raw chocolate block is a pure, sweet, satisfying indulgence!

And when something is this good, you always want more than one...This collection of five bars will keep you well stocked & you save 10%! What is not to love?

Free from Dairy, Gluten, Soya.

Lovingly made, consciously packaged. Ingredients: Organic raw cacao butter Organic raw agave nectar Organic raw cacao powder Sunflower lecithin* Organic ground vanilla * (Non GMO/Approved non-organic product) (Cocoa solids 64% minimum)

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