Reviews | MULU Organic Raw Chocolate


"A fantastic company with fantastic products and simply outstanding customer service. No other company I have come across is quite as devoted to customer satisfaction as MULU"
A. Beressford, Bath
" MULU Raw Chocolate chocolate is a divine gift for the taste buds. It is smooth and creamy with a wonderful depth of flavour. This flavour delight is accentuated by the quality of the carefully selected ingredients. If you have to avoid foods for allergy or intolerance reasons you will be comforted and indulged by luxuriating with some Mulu chocolate. I am honoured to be able to sell your chocolate and share the Mulu love"
E. L. Hutchinson, Love Lactose Free Life, Devon
"I am a complete chocoholic and there isn't a bar I haven't tasted...Your chocolate is exquisite. It is true nectar and the infusion and bliss of the flavour which acts like osmosis on the taste buds. Fantastic!"
A. Poole, Yorkshire
"Just to let you know I drive to my local health shop just to buy Mulu chocolate with nibs. It's the best! I am diabetic and I wrote you an email a few months ago telling you how MULU saved my life. Thank you"
Chris, London
"I'm totally addicted to Mulu chocolate. It's goodness in a block. Gives me a lot of energy and satisfies my craving. As a raw chocolate eater, I can say Mulu is my No. 1!"
Petra, Dublin
"Today I purchased a block of your dark choc with cacao nibs! WOW! being a dairy and sugar free eater and also a chocolate obsessor, I'm constantly on the hunt (and yes I go hunting) for the best tasting and best textured chocolate. Well I've found it (many years of searching!) I love your Mulu Chocolate!"
Lola Mai, Sydney, Australia
"I would just like to thank you for your fantastic MULU dark chocolate. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which I manage with diet alone and am not on any medication, which means I have to be very careful about what I eat and drink. So you can imagine I am no longer able to enjoy food as before. I am only 45 years old and I am always dying for something sweet after a meal. Diabetic chocolate or foods are not healthy and are full of bad ingredents so I leave them alone. I found your chocolate at a health food shop and noticed that there was no sugar, instead it said nectar, so I thought I would do a test. I took my blood sugar level every 10 minutes over an hour after eating Mulu dark and found that my sugar level hardly moved, which means that I can indulge in your wonderful chocolate any time I feel the need. So again thank you for a healthy quality tasty treat."
Chris, London
"You have made something really special and it needs to be known. I had one piece which was enough for me to taste and appreciate the uniqueness and quality of your chocolate"
T.Stevenson, Dorset
"Mulu Chocolate, filled with pure ingredients, love, and tastes absolutely fantastic"
Steve Nobel, Author and a Director of Alternatives, London
"Mulu Chocolate is incredibly delicious, beautiful and filled with raw cacao goodness. Mulu takes raw, vegan chocolate to another dimension! As someone who follows a dairy and sugar free diet, I am ecstatic that the creators of Mulu have developed such a delectable range of healthy chocolate."
J Marden, Cornwall