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MULU Organic Ingredients & Earth Friendly Packaging

At last - a delicious, smooth and creamy chocolate that is actually good for you!

Green Packaging for all MULU Products

Our packaging is incredibly earth friendly!

From the very beginning, we at Mulu Raw Chocolate have made a conscious decision to keep our packaging raw, like our beautiful chocolate. With this is mind, we use only recyclable card from sustainable sources for our boxes and biodegradable material for our inner wrappers. The inks we print with are plant based and our boxes are sealed using water based varnish.

Please continue to LOVE our little planet by recycling and composting.


Beautiful Ingredients

Our ingredients are ethically sourced and organic!

Our certified organic, raw cacao is sourced from the Guayas river area of Ecuador, from traditional, small scale productions, where trusted relationships have been established with the farmers. Many of the farmers already have fair trade certification that guarantees economic aspects, and social certification to guarantee the responsible use of the rainforest. The people who do all the co-ordination work with the farmers and oversee all aspects of growing & production (to ensure quality) are also going through Fair trade certification processes at the present time. However, as they already implement all the benefits in favour of the farmers and their employees, they are taking a relaxed approach to completing the paperwork required by an external certifier. We are proud to support this scheme and are very satisfied that our cacao products are ethically and consciously sourced.

We support our suppliers ongoing plans to become Fairtrade certified.


Raw Cacao

When you indulge in Mulu Chocolate you may do so with every ecstatic molecule of your being!

Mulu Raw Chocolate products are joyously created with the finest, organic, raw cacao powder, butter & nibs from Ecuador. Our raw cacao products are never heated above 48 degrees Celsius, and in practice, temperatures usually stay well below 40 degrees Celsius. This gentle method of processing helps to ensure the cacao maintains its key nutrient qualities, as well as its texture and amazing flavour!

Cacao beans contain no sugar and between 12% and 50% fat depending on variety and growth conditions.

All of our ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure Mulu Raw Chocolate is the best it can possibly be – our attention to detail and our dedication to quality are exceptional.


Agave Nectar

We delicately sweeten our beautiful chocolate with organic, low temperature Agave Nectar, taken from the living Agave cactus plant, native to Mexico. We use raw Agave primarily, because it is a delicious alternative to refined cane sugar. Agave Nectar is an 'isolated fructose' sweetener and should therefore be consumed sparingly, as part of a balanced diet.



Because we want Mulu Raw Chocolate to taste delicious, we lovingly infuse our raw cacao butter with organic ground bourbon Vanilla. Vanilla planifolia as it is also known can be traced back to the 16th century and its origin in Mexico. These beautiful vanilla beans are the product of the Madagascar.


Sunflower Lecithin

MULU Raw Chocolate is soya free. We use literally a trace of sunflower lecithin in our recipes to give our raw chocolate the high end look and taste we are synonymous with. Having researched the ecological benefits of using sunflower over soya lecithin, the decision to make the switch was a no brainer! We are so over the moon that people with a soya allergy or intolerance can now enjoy MULU Raw Chocolate along with the rest of us. Our sunflower lecithin is an approved non-organic product which is certified GMO free.