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Raw Chocolate and Family

We have been enjoying raw chocolate as a family for over five years now. We were introduced to it by Ben's mum back in 2007. My eldest two children were extremely willing taste testers when we were developing our recipes in 2008. Ben and I have giggled into the early hours on many occasions accompanied (and possibly fueled) by raw chocolate! During that time period, the number of children we have has doubled (apparently raw chocolate is an aphrodisiac, but I digress!) and all four of our children are growing up in raw chocolate kiddy-wink heaven (that is to say that I don't know a single child who would not like their Mum and Dad to own a chocolate company!)

Of course, our children enjoy chocolate in moderation, but they always get to try our new recipes first (due largely to the fact that they can run faster than me and also because they love feeling they are the most important and special people in our lives, which is how we want them to feel, obviously!), They really love getting involved, telling us what they like, and suggesting new ingredients to add to the chocolate. We involve them in our design process and gain their perspective. Its inspirational and fun and one of the most enjoyable things about being a working parent. According to our 3 year old son, the best thing about owning a chocolate company is "Daddy's raw chocolate Birthday cake", whereas my 11 year old is already hatching 'takeover' plans so that he can be in charge of our little business when he grows up (which of course will be a big business by then, we hope!).

Working with small children is always a challenge and striking a good work / life balance is difficult to achieve for most working parents. We feel grateful to have MULU Organic Raw Chocolate as it complements our lifestyle and allows us to involve our children in our work, and our work involves our children in a very nourishing and wholesome way. It feels like we have all put something into the business which puts food on our table and a roof over our heads and in a subtle way, I feel this is very bonding. 

And so whilst owning a chocolate company has many, many benefits (abundant raw chocolate, chocolatier husband, brilliant birthday cakes to name just a few), the very best thing about owning MULU Organic Raw Chocolate for me, is that it underpins our family life in a way which is quite unique. It was the foundation stone for Ben and I to have our littlest children and it is something we have all helped to shape & grow over the past half a decade. Interestingly, MULU has also helped US to change & evolve in a funny 'life imitating art imitating life' kind of way. So MULU really is a family business and one of which we are truly proud! 





Kaycee Fordham
Kaycee Fordham