Christmas chocolate stars and Michaelmas contemplations | MULU Organic Raw Chocolate

Chocolate, Christmas and Contemplation

The sun, bereft of his summer ferocity has sunk low in the gentle blue autumn skies, and wood smoke now wafts over us each evening, like a well loved winter comfort blanket. I love this time of year!

I read somewhere today that Michaelmas is the time we might begin to look within, for the light and the fire we find externally in the summer months. It is a time when we can take the fruits of our work throughout the spring and summer, and use them to fuel our winter work. An analogy is that of an acorn growing throughout the year which throws itself from the safety of its oak tree perch in Autumn, with the promise of better things to come! 

Pondering these wise and wild words, I wondered what seeds and fruits we had manifested this year? Momentarily I struggled to think and then it became clear that we have indeed nurtured so many little Spring time seedlings and ideas. We have worked tirelessly throughout the summertime, creating our beautiful new organic raw chocolate products for MULU; the Christmas Star and our amazing vegan truffle selection.

It somehow feels amazingly right to be crafting these divine dark chocolate treats, just as the darkness is creeping in, little by little, inch by inch. It is poetic how the swirling chocolate mirrors the whirling leaves being blown from the trees, ready to nourish the soul just as the leaves feed the earth! And with that thought, I became excited about what this rich and fertile compost could help us grow in the future! We have so many little seeds to nurture in this garden we have founded that sometimes it seems overwhelming! My reflections today made me realise that not every acorn becomes an oak tree but that each one takes that leap of faith to be everything they have the potential to be! What a powerful and heartening message from nature! 

And so, with the promise of Christmas in the air and preparations already underway for the festive season, we are happy and grateful to be gently blending our cacao recipes, handcrafting our sparkly MULU stars, buttons and bars. Cultivating the ground for our business to thrive in the coming year and also reaping the benefits of our summer labour. What wonderful opportunities present themselves at every turn. We are truly blessed!


Kaycee Fordham
Kaycee Fordham