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End of summer ponderings and MULU Chocolate

Today, I am gazing out of my window at MULU Organic Raw Chocolate HQ into the meadow just outside, and I can see a hint of Autumn in the leaves on the trees. I felt it this morning when my toes protested against sandal wearing, and with the fields now mostly empty of the golden wheat which stood just a week or so ago, I have come to the conclusion that summer is drawing to a happy, satisfied close and we are heading towards log fires, burnished copper and rust coloured leaves and that cosy feeling that only winter provides.

Last night, we actually lit our wood burner to take the chill out of the air in our cottage and whilst my children roasted apples, I pondered why I welcome the change from Summer to Autumn so gladly. I absolutely love the heat of summer and the freedom of beach days, picnics on the moor and water play. I am literally in love with drying my washing outside (it's an obsession) and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. Summer is the season of children playing in the garden until way after bedtime, holidays, salads, light weight clothing and warm rain! Why then am I craving the transition to Autumn?

Autumn is a time for cooking & baking; collecting natures bounty from the hedgerows & making pies and crumbles, chutneys, jams and pickles. It nourishes my inner 'hunter/gatherer' instinct (in a vegan way!) to prepare for the colder months in this way. There is something of my grandmother and her grandmother before her in that traditional act of moving with the seasons which I find so comforting and somehow 'right'. It promotes a feeling of inter-connectivity between myself and nature, acknowledging the earths rhythms & feeling held by their repetition, knowing what is to come. In an uncertain world, that feeling of safety & trust in the process is quite profound and one which I try to help my children feel to the depths of their bones.

Autumn is a time for inner work. For mending. For personal reflection. For pondering the meaning of life and our place within it. It is healthy to move through each seasonal transition and do different things with each season. It keeps us 'tapped in' to what we are and I believe it helps us be more conscious of our actions, our impact on this fragile planet of ours and it makes us question what can we do better. 

And for all my duvet dreaming last night, I turned my thoughts to my business; MULU Organic Raw Chocolate and I felt good about it. I felt great that Ben and I created something out of nothing. A business which supports bio-diversity in the rainforest, ethical trade and uses only high quality raw cacao from the rainforests of Ecuador. A company which harnesses the power of nature and doesn't seek to destroy it - biodegradable packaging, plant based printing inks, no waste. 

And so I sought out a bar of MULU from my store cupboard and enjoyed the fruits of Ben's creativity afresh as I watched my littlest ones enjoy their baked apple, and I thought what a perfect way to the end the summer this was. Accepting all that is and looking forward to the future, with blackberries, plums, apples and of course chocolate at the forefront of my mind! 



Kaycee Fordham
Kaycee Fordham