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MULU Real Goddess Campaign

MULU Organic Raw Chocolate is a small company which wants to make a big difference!

Whilst researching and putting together a new marketing campaign for the upcoming year, we found ourselves uninspired and frustrated with how chocolate is generally advertised in the media (think over sexualised, impossibly glamorous, slim young women idling on leather sofas dressed in silk).

As a brand which puts precedence on ethical sourcing, high quality organically certified raw ingredients and provision of amazing food for the allergy/free-from market, and as two people who really believe in the beauty we ALL have inside of us, this image just did not fit. We have therefore decided to challenge the way women are portrayed in media by committing to find a group of real women to feature in our new marketing.

We hope to gather a group of women from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, races, sizes and shapes to take part in this project.

We want to feature your happy, BEAUTY-FULL faces on our advertising!

We want to inspire change in how people are portrayed in the media and we really hope to dispel the myth that only stick thin, airbrushed models can sell food!

We want to hear what makes YOU beautiful, whether that be birthing your child, creating a piece of art or just watching clouds roll by on a hot summers day. 

MULU has launched a search via Facebook (MULU Raw Chocolate) and Twitter (@mulurawchocolat) to find 'Real Goddesses' to take part in this project. To nominate yourself, your sister, mother, grandmother, daughter, the radiant lady from the health food shop or your amazing osteopath, contact or go direct to Facebook. You can also let other people know using the hashtag #mulurealgoddess  

Kaycee Fordham
Kaycee Fordham